Carnegie Speech

Student Evaluation Roadmap

NativeAccent Overview (2 minutes) - What is NativeAccent? How long does it take? What can you expect to gain?

NativeAccent Initial Assessment Tutorial (5 minutes) View this tutorial before taking the NativeAccent Assessment.

Your student evaluation login is "______student". The password is "carnegie"

This login is valid for 5 hours use of the software for 14 days

Login and take the NativeAccent Initial Assessment (45 - 60 minutes)

View the NativeAccent Intelligent Tutor Tutorial (6.5 minutes) After you have completed the NativeAccent assessment, watch this tutorial before you begin using the NativeAccent Intelligent Tutor.

Students login and begin using the NativeAccent Intelligent Tutor (45 mins per session x 5 sessions per week for maximum gains in spoken English skills)

Before exiting the course Students take their final NativeAccent Assessment (this appears as the last activity on the Intelligent Tutor suggested lesson path). Students should take the final assessment regardless of the amount of coursework completed.

Finally, students take the course Student Exit Survey. Your opinions count!

Student Resources

How do I position the headset microphone for use with NativeAccent?

Quickview - Changing your password (1 min) - if your account was set up with a default password, you should change your password by following the steps shown in this tutorial.

NativeAccent Student Roadmap - one page printout

NativeAccent Student Guide

NativeAccent Troubleshooting Guide


First, review the NativeAccent Student Guide and Troubleshooting guide. If you are unable to resolve your issue, ask your teacher and distance learning support specialist for help.

If together you are unable to resolve your issue, the teacher/lab administrator will contact NativeAccent support for a rapid resolution.