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Carnegie Speech Company and Mayflower College, UK Introduce Climb Level 4 for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

January 27, 2009 | Pittsburgh, PA, USA & Plymouth, UK

Spoken English Training for ICAO Compliance: anytime – anywhere.

Carnegie Speech Company, the premier developer of spoken language training software, and Mayflower College, UK, a global leader in aviation English training, today announced the launch of the online English training product for pilots and air traffic controllers known as "Climb Level 4". Climb Level 4 helps aviation professionals improve their English speaking and listening skills in order to reach ICAO Level 4 or Level 5. The 100-hour program closely follows recommendations made in ICAO document 9835.

Climb Level 4 is a joint product development initiative between Mayflower College, Plymouth, UK and Carnegie Speech, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Featuring artificial intelligence and speech recognition technologies licensed from Carnegie Mellon University, Climb Level 4 combines Carnegie Mellon's world-class technology and linguistic research with Mayflower College's considerable aviation English training expertise to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet the new ICAO English language standards.

"Climb Level 4 was developed so that pilots and air traffic controllers have the skills to communicate with each other in an accurate, clear and timely manner," says Angela Kennedy, Carnegie Speech President & CEO. Ms. Kennedy continued, "In the aviation industry, the need for safe communications is fundamental. We believe that Climb Level 4 offers pilots and controllers a flexible and cost-effective way to meet the required ICAO English standards."

Developed to fit the aviation professional's schedule, Climb Level 4 offers speech evaluation, targeted pronunciation and a personalized, interactive curriculum accessible anytime, anywhere. Featuring nine (9) aviation-specific learning modules, an Aviation Word Book for interactive vocabulary instruction and an Intelligent Tutor that delivers personalized pronunciation training, Climb Level 4 provides robust and comprehensive English instruction.

Paul Stevens, Director of Mayflower College, says "We are delighted with this new product. The ICAO language proficiency requirements (LPR's) represent a real challenge for the aviation community. Now however, pilots and controllers have the option of improving their English speaking and listening skills either independently or in combination with traditional classroom-based learning. We believe that Climb Level 4 is the future for Aviation English training."

Additional information on Climb Level 4 is available at www.climb-level4.com or info@climb-level4.com

About Carnegie Speech

Carnegie Speech is the premier developer and provider of software for assessing and teaching spoken language skills. Using state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies licensed from Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Speech provides spoken language instruction to its global clientele in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)/Corporate Training, Government, Aviation, Education and Health Care markets. For additional information, visit www.carnegiespeech.com.

About Mayflower College, UK

Mayflower College was founded in 1988 and provides English language training for international learners. Approximately 1000 learners per year from 50+ countries attend its courses in Plymouth, UK. Mayflower College has been involved in Aviation English since 1992, providing general and aviation-specific courses to air traffic controllers and pilots. It is also the developer of the Test of English for Aviation (TEA). For more information, visit www.maycoll.co.uk or contact Paul Stevens at ++44-1752-673784 or english@maycoll.co.uk.