Carnegie Speech

Teacher Evaluation Roadmap

NativeAccent Web Portal Setup - Carnegie Speech sets up school account, teacher and local admin accounts and generates student codes.

Local Administration - Local admin creates and sets up courses, assigns teachers and sets course customizations (web meeting with David as needed)

Teacher Orientation Tutorial (10 minutes) Recommended to be viewed prior to your teacher evaluation first login. (Note: you will not be able to view any reports until after the student account has done at least some portion of the initial assessment and/or some time on task in the lessons).

Your evaluation Teacher Login is "_____teacher". The password is "carnegie"

This login is valid for 5 hours use of the software for 14 days

Teacher Activities - Teachers present the student tutorials, assigns students to take the initial assessment and Intelligent Tutor, and coaches students as needed with the spoken English skills being taught.

* About those tutorials... - The student tutorials are presented over the web in an Adobe Flash® animated video format. Due to bandwidth issues, it is recommended that you project this tutorials using an LCD projector rather than having students view the tutorials on their available computers.

Student Activities - Students view student tutorials, take initial assessment, and use the NativeAccent Intelligent Tutor X hours per week. Students take a final assessment and the student course exit survey at the conclusion of the course.

Conclusion of NativeAccent Course - Teacher assigns students to take the final assessment and the student exit survey. After course end, take the teacher's exit survey.

Meeting to review the results - About one week following the official conclusion of the course, meet to go over the student gains and survey results.

Teacher Resources

Teacher Orientation Tutorial (10 min)

NativeAccent Implementation Roadmap

NativeAccent Teachers Guide

NativeAccent Troubleshooting Guide


The first line support is provided by the teacher and lab administrator using the Teacher’s Guide and the NativeAccent Troubleshooting Guide

If you should experience any issues or questions during your evaluation of NativeAccent, email or call (800)568-9604 for assistance.

In either case, it important to include as much specific information as possible to help the support specialist to diagnose and remediate the issue. Support requests are addressed within 24 hours