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Carnegie Speech

To be understood and to understand - when it really matters


Carnegie Speech's products combine advanced linguistic expertise with real-world language tutoring experience so that our international clientele benefit from spoken language instruction rooted both in sound theory and practical application.

All of Carnegie Speech's products feature an extensive spoken language curriculum, with a training focus on phonetics, word and sentence level prosodics, spoken grammar and fluency. The training curriculum, composite voice models and speaker recordings are developed by highly-skilled linguists who are also native speakers of the target language. As such, they are ideally qualified to provide the cultural usage information in the curriculum that teaches the student when and how to use the language appropriately.

Our patented Pinpointing technology, which identifies exactly what is wrong with a student's pronunciation and exactly what needs to be done to remediate the problem, is also featured in all Carnegie Speech products. Reinforced by cognitive science techniques that increase the permanence of learning and fluent memory retrieval, students are better able to retain and recall the lessons-learned from their spoken language training instruction.

In addition to general language pronunciation instruction, Carnegie Speech offers Climb Level 4, which teaches aviation professionals how to speak Aviation English to meet regulatory requirements. Carnegie Speech's products help students quickly learn to speak mission-critical words and phrases.