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Carnegie Speech

To be understood and to understand - because aviation safety matters


"Climb Level 4 is great ! You really DID your job."
– Serbian Pilot

Aviation safety – for passengers, pilots and air traffic controllers – is an absolute requirement. As 2011 approaches and the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Language Proficiency Requirement becomes enforceable, aviation professionals must demonstrate Aviation English proficiency.

When empirical data show that over 70% of a sample of 28,000 incidents and accidents were caused by poor language skills, action needs to be taken. To remedy this safety challenge, ICAO will require Level 4 English proficiency for all international commercial pilots and controllers by 2011.

Carnegie Speech technologies power Climb Level 4, an Aviation English training product co-developed with Mayflower College. Designed exclusively for the Aviation professional to achieve ICAO Level 4 or 5 proficiency, Climb Level 4 is the most technically advanced, yet comprehensive, flexible and personalized, Aviation English training program available.

Climb Level 4 provides Aviation professionals with an on-line solution for Aviation English training: anytime – anywhere.

  • Meets the dynamic work patterns of ATCO's and pilots
  • Can be included in fixed classroom training – self-paced – or both
  • All exercises are set in Aviation context
  • Dynamic spoken English Curriculum to achieve ICAO Level 4 or Level 5 proficiency

Introduced in 2009, Climb Level 4 has already generated enthusiastic reviews from international aviation professionals:

  • "This is the BEST course" – Ecuadorian Pilot
  • "Very comprehensive and thorough program" – Irish Flight Instructor
  • "It's a very interesting course for those who don't have time to study English traditionally (at schools)" – Brazilian Aviation Instructor
  • "Climb Level 4 has found a way to eliminate a large percentage of time in teacher-led classes. It gives students that are motivated an opportunity that never ends. Those students will not be weighed down by classroom draggers." – American Aviation English Instructor

Visit the dedicated Climb Level 4 website for additional information, videos, sample exercises, or to order a Climb Level 4 license.