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Carnegie Speech

To be understood and to understand - because experience matters


Angela Kennedy, President, CEO

Angela Kennedy serves as President, CEO  Within this role, she focuses on the strategy, growth and management of Carnegie Speech.

Since joining the Company, Angela has played an instrumental role in developing a coherent business strategy to commercialize the Company's products. She brings with her over 15 years of executive management experience with companies that have successfully commercialized cutting-edge products featuring artificial-intelligence technologies.

Prior to joining Carnegie Speech, Angela co-founded WISDOM Technologies Corporation and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer. While at WISDOM, Angela raised venture capital and private investments and forged strategic relationships with Citibank, SEI investments, Selkirk Financial Technologies, SunGard Treasury Systems, and Union Fenosa of Spain.

Prior to this role, she gained software management experience at the Lead Artificial Intelligence Group at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and also held sales and marketing roles with IBM. She has authored publications in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Assisted Language learning, Cognitive Science and Treasury Management.

Angela holds a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in College Scholars from the University of Tennessee.

Gary Pelton, CTO

As Chief Technical Officer Gary Pelton brings extensive experience managing technology development teams as well as commercializing spoken language products and intelligent tutoring systems to Carnegie Speech. Gary is responsible for developing the intellectual property and product strategies that ensure the continued growth and success of Carnegie Speech, including patent strategies, definitions and prosecution. Responsible for managing and directing the company's team of software development professionals, Gary ensures the reliability, functionality and scalability of Carnegie Speech's language learning products to our global customer base.

In his 13 years at Carnegie Speech, Gary has transitioned the English training products from a prototype to a desk top application and then to a Web SaaS model service. In addition, he has led the effort that used the same technology to build three foreign language training products for the Department of Defense. At this time, the English training system is being embedded in a game as a method for improving the English speaking skills of the school children in Singapore.

In addition to Carnegie Speech, Gary has led product development teams for a variety of organizations, from Bell Labs to entrepreneurial start-ups. Developing products ranging from robots and factory floor diagnostic systems to neural network simulators, Gary's successes give Carnegie Speech unique product development and delivery capabilities.

Gary received his MS in Computer Science and a BS in Physics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

David Oberlin, VP, Global Education

As VP, Global Education, David Oberlin brings technology sales and implementation experience from a career that started soon after the first personal computers were introduced. David has helped universities, colleges, adult and k12 schools, the US Navy and other federal and state organization to acquire and integrate interactive learning technologies. With a deep commitment to the customer, David is responsible for promoting NativeAccent® and other products from Carnegie Speech that are aligned with the needs of US education sector, with a focus on oral English language skills development.

Prior to coming to Carnegie Speech, David headed EduRep, a sales company representing publishers of educational software. EduRep started as local representation in Florida for several publishers and expanded to a national network of distributors.

As Vice President of Product for st3 and NextLEC Corporations, he was deeply involved in the encoding, storage, and distribution strategies for streaming media content including motion pictures and radio and other online services, and oversaw the operations of the Customer Relationship Center.

As the Director of Technology for the Cleveland City Schools, David oversaw the transformation of a school district and its employees from technology challenged to technology literate, and oversaw the design, procurement, construction and administration of a $5M technology infrastructure that brought the school district online to deliver a internet services, email and instructional support.

David earned a bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University, and served as a photographer in the US Coast Guard.