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Carnegie Speech

To be understood and to understand - when it really matters

The Company

Carnegie Speech believes that to truly learn a new language, students must be able to be understood – and understand – when speaking or listening to a new language. Carnegie Speech's software teaches speaking and listening skills so that students in business, aviation and education can speak with and understand one another – especially when it really matters.

What does spoken language communications that 'really matter' mean? Consider the following real-world applications of Carnegie Speech's products:

  • International pilots learn Aviation English with Carnegie Speech's Climb Level 4 software so they can literally speak the same language as international air traffic controllers. Aviation safety matters!
  • Asian businesses learn English with Carnegie Speech's NativeAccent software so that their personnel can better communicate with their English-speaking clients, partners and employees. Business matters!
  • Immigrants to the United States learn English with Carnegie Speech's NativeAccent® software to better prepare for work and school. Education matters!