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English Speech Training

NativeAccent English Speech Training Overview

NativeAccent English speech training software prepares global enterprises and individuals to speak and understand English in a rapid and cost effective manner. Incorporating the linguistic expertise and technical innovations developed through decades of research at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute, NativeAccent has improved pronunciation scores up to 100%, decreased speech training time and costs up to 50%, and delivered up to a 10X return on speech training investments.

NativeAccent delivers pronunciation training, operational and financial returns by personalizing the English pronunciation training experience for each user. With pronunciation tutoring technologies pinpointing the exact error in English pronunciation, and demonstrating via text, audio and graphics exactly what must be done to correctly pronounce English words and phrases, training operations are streamlined while English pronunciation skills rapidly improve.

NativeAccent speech training software also features an Intelligent Tutor that prioritizes English pronunciation training exercises based on each user's unique pronunciation needs. Functioning as an automated pronunciation tutor, NativeAccent assesses and ranks pronunciation challenges so that each user can focus their English speech training time on the pronunciation, grammar, fluency and prosodics training activities to improve English pronunciation skills in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

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NativeAccent English Speech Training Features

NativeAccent English speech training software includes the pronunciation tutoring technologies and learning features that has enabled global enterprises, government agencies and academic institutions to maximize the effectiveness and financial returns on their speech training expenditures. NativeAccent speech training software accommodates each user's native language, current English pronunciation skills and learning pace to build a spoken English curriculum that is personalized and relevant. Pinpointed speech analysis provides users with immediate, understandable and actionable feedback, and the Intelligent Tutor personalizes NativeAccent speech training so that users can learn to speak and understand English in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

NativeAccent enables effective spoken English language training through the following unique features:

  • Extensive, detailed spoken English curricula in language pronunciation, grammar, fluency and prosodics (word stress, pace and pausing, etc.).
  • Pronunciation tutoring technologies that precisely pinpoint where speech errors are made while they are being made. English speech training remediation features detailed instructions on exactly how to eliminate spoken English errors through text, graphics and audio.
  • The Intelligent Tutor adjusts the spoken English curriculum to accommodate user's native language and their individual English proficiency.
  • Spoken English curricula are flexible to accommodate client operating requirements and customized to meet individual learning requirements. English speech training results are objective and can be compared across individuals, units or the entire enterprise.
  • Progress reports detailing user and enterprise pronunciation training compliance and performance can be e-mailed to users and supervisors on a weekly basis.
  • With contrastive language analysis between English and over 50 different native languages including Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, and German, Carnegie Speech's English speech training systems can quickly scale across international enterprises.

How NativeAccent English Speech Training Works

Leveraging an extensible software platform using Speech Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Technologies under exclusive global license from Carnegie Mellon University, NativeAccent trains users to pronounce English words and phrases correctly by comparing the user's spoken words against a composite model of English speech, taking into account relevant gender, geography and other cultural contexts. Based on this comparison, a personalized English speech training curriculum is developed that prioritizes English pronunciation challenges, pinpoints speaking errors, and provides immediate, detailed English speech remediation instruction.

NativeAccent speech training is available on the internet, making spoken English training accessible anytime... anywhere.

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Automatic Renewal - Your purchase of Carnegie Speech NativeAccent includes enrollment in an automatic renewal program which allows you to continue using NativeAccent and maintain your progress after the expiration of your initial term license. With your purchase today, you authorize Carnegie Speech to automatically charge your credit card account upon the expiration of the initial term license, at the payment amount equal to your 'Initial Payment' (defined below), plus applicable tax, without any action by you, until you cancel the renewal service. Your 'Initial Payment' equals the total purchase price paid for your initial term license. You may cancel the automatic renewal feature at any time by contacting support@carnegiespeech.com. Notice of your intention to cancel renewals must be received by the 10th of the month to go into effect for the following month. Auto-renewals are not eligible for additional promotions or discounts.