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Carnegie Speech

To be understood and to understand - because language metrics matter

Carnegie Speech Assessment

Before spoken English skills can be improved, English proficiency must be accurately assessed and measured. Carnegie Speech Assessment provides a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution that enables global companies and educational institutions to optimize hiring decisions, perform quality assurance testing, and measure spoken English training effectiveness.


Carnegie Speech Assessment uses speech recognition and pinpointing technology under license from Carnegie Mellon University to assess an individual's speech. By pinpointing exactly what was correct and incorrect in the speaker's pronunciation, grammar and fluency, accurate and objective English assessments can be made. Specific features include:

  • Rapid assessment of spoken English by analyzing each student's speech against a statistical composite voice model of native speakers.
  • Self-directed tutorials that reduce administrative requirements and costs.
  • Tunable grading scale customizes results to each organization's operational or educational requirements.
  • Immediately available and objective reports that can be compared across multiple applicants as well as across the business and educational enterprises. Detailed reports on individual users allow information on each applicant's language proficiency to flow from hiring to training departments, eliminating redundant assessments.

How it works

By comparing student voice recordings against a balanced and extensive range of English speakers, Carnegie Speech Assessment uses patented pinpointing technology to identify exactly what was correct and incorrect in the student's speech. Subsequent to assessments, informed decisions on hiring, training and education can be objectively made.