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Carnegie Speech

To be understood and to understand - because learning matters


NativeAccent® by Carnegie Speech

Improve Speaking and listening skills in English by up to 100% in Less Than One Semester!


International students and teaching assistants need to be understood by their peers, teachers and advisors. ESL students need to be able to communicate with confidence and clarity in English in school and the workplace. NativeAccent online English assessment and instructional software prepares individuals from around the world to speak with and understand one another in standard American English.

NativeAccent's curriculum includes lessons in phonemic pronunciation, word and sentence stress, fluency and grammar. The curriculum is personalized for each student based on an online assessment their gender and their native language.

Numerous studies have shown that students have improved their English speaking and listening skills by more than 100% in 10 hours of instruction.

NativeAccent Features

NativeAccent achieves these results by combining intelligent tutoring technology with advanced speech recognition.

  • Intelligent tutoring technology has been shown to reduce instructional time by 66% by selecting the key skills needed and presenting lessons matching those needed skills.
  • Patented pinpointing technology provides immediate, understandable and actionable error analysis and instruction.

NativeAccent delivers effective spoken English instruction through the following unique features:

  • Extensive, detailed curricula in English pronunciation, word and sentence stress, fluency and grammar.
  • Contrastive language analysis between English and over 63 different native languages. This analysis is used by the intelligent tutor to customize the content of their lessons.
  • Precisely pinpointing where speech errors are made in each exercise.
  • Remediation to the student gives detailed instructions on exactly how to eliminate errors through text, graphics, video and audio.
  • The Intelligent Tutor adjusts the curriculum using the student's native language skills and individual proficiencies to create the most efficient individualized curriculum.
  • Progress reports can be e-mailed to students and teachers on a weekly basis.
  • Students can view directions in their native language, however all curriculum content is delivered in English.

Key Performance Metrics

  • Speaking and Listening gains of more than 100% in one semester
  • Students gain confidence in speaking with others outside their native language group

Students like NativeAccent!

In a recent survey of over 100 students, 91.2% said that it helped them to improve their spoken English skills!

Time-on-task matters!

Students who LIKE an instructional software are more likely to USE that software.

How it Works

Students begin their NativeAccent® instruction with an integrated assessment of their English pronunciation, word and sentence stress, fluency and grammar skills. The assessment results are used by the Intelligent Tutor program in NativeAccent® to prescribe lessons prioritized to address each student's unique learning needs. Instructors or teachers may direct students to specific exercises, or NativeAccent's Intelligent Tutor can guide students through an individualized learning plan that is dynamically adjusted based on each student's performance.

NativeAccent is delivered over the World Wide Web to students in classrooms, language labs and anywhere a student has an internet connection and a headset.

Benefits of using NativeAccent

  • Students gain significant improvement in skills in one semester - often over 100%!
  • Students receive individualized direct instruction and feedback on their spoken English skills
  • Grading is objective
  • Students see their improvement and rapidly gain confidence in speaking
  • Automated study reminders help students to stay on track with goals
  • Teachers have access to all student grades and recordings
  • Teachers are able to work with students to overcome individual speech challenges
  • Time-on-task is recorded based on actual active learning time
  • Automated reporting option informs the teachers of weekly student use