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Alitalia Selects Climb Level 4™ Aviation English Training Software

December 10, 2009 | Pittsburgh, PA

Alitalia Pilots to Use Climb Level 4 Software to Prepare for ICAO English Language Standards

Climb Level 4, a joint product and market development initiative between Carnegie Speech, (Pittsburgh, PA) and Mayflower College (Plymouth, UK), today announced that Alitalia has selected Climb Level 4 software to prepare its pilots for the new International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) English language proficiency requirements.

ICAO standards require that all pilots flying internationally, and all air traffic controllers providing services to international flights have a level of spoken Aviation English known as "Operational Level 4". Climb Level 4 software integrates Carnegie Speech's technical and language training expertise with Mayflower College's knowledge of the Aviation market into an English language training product tailored to meet ICAO requirements.

"Climb Level 4 is already used in 38 countries, and we are delighted that Alitalia has also selected Climb Level 4 for Aviation English training," says Angela Kennedy, Carnegie Speech president & CEO. Ms. Kennedy continues, "We understand how important it is for pilots to achieve ICAO Level 4 or higher in a timely and cost-effective manner. Since Climb Level 4 provides personalized, aviation-relevant instruction over the internet, we have every confidence that Climb Level 4 will quickly contribute to Alitalia's efforts to have all its pilots at ICAO Levels 4 or higher.

Developed to fit the aviation professional's schedule, Climb Level 4 provides aviation professionals with a comprehensive training curriculum in Vocabulary, Comprehension, Grammar, Pronunciation, Fluency and Interactions. Featuring nine (9) aviation-specific learning modules, an Aviation Word Book and an Intelligent Tutor that enables personalized pronunciation training, Climb Level 4 offers aviation professionals an intuitive, understandable and effective English training product. Climb Level 4 is currently used by pilots and controllers in 38 countries

Paul Stevens, Director of Mayflower College, says "As the ICAO compliance date approaches, we understand that aviation organizations, pilots and controllers are pressured to learn Aviation English in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Mr. Stevens adds, "With its ability to scale across the aviation enterprise while delivering personalized Aviation English instruction, Climb Level 4 presents an ideal solution to the ICAO Level 4 challenge."

"We expect Climb Level 4 to help us reach our goal of having all pilots at ICAO Level 4 or higher," said Captain Guiseppe Borgna, crew training manager at Alitalia.  "With personalized, flexible, and internet accessible training for our pilots, we see Climb Level 4 as an important element in our English training strategy."

Additional information on Climb Level 4 is available at www.climb-level4.com or e-mail at info@climb-level4 .com. 

Carnegie Speech: To be understood and to understand - when it really matters!

A global leader in the development of spoken language training software, Carnegie Speech teaches enterprises and individuals how to speak and understand new languages through personalized, immediate and pinpointed language analysis and instruction. Incorporating the linguistic expertise and technical innovations developed through decades of research at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Speech maximizes the effectiveness of spoken language instruction while minimizing training time and expense. From spoken language training to facilitate commerce and enhance education, to mission-critical communications to improve safety and security, Carnegie Speech products are used by Business, Aviation, Government, Education and Health Care enterprises that depend on effective spoken language communications. Visit www.carnegiespeech.com for more information.

Mayflower College, UK

Mayflower College was founded in 1988 and provides English language training for international learners. Approximately 1,000 learners per year from 50+ countries attend its courses in Plymouth, UK. Mayflower College has been involved in Aviation English since 1992, providing general and aviation-specific courses to air traffic controllers and pilots. It is also the developer of the Test of English for Aviation (TEA). For additional information visit www.aviation-english.com.